• Katie Kittermaster

Industry Quotes!

"Katie, you were simply superb'". (Adam Dowling, BBC Radio Kent).

"Loved Katie's performance on 'The Music Conversation' on BBC Radio Kent. She is a talented songwriter, with a vibrant sound, and I look forward to seeing where she takes her music making". (Dominic King, BBC Radio Kent).

"Just thought I would let you know that you were absolutely brilliant ...we will be sure to have you on again". (Keilan Webster, KMTV).

"Katie has the voice of an angel and the songwriting skills above her years. A true talent that has the complete package. It was an honour to have her sing live on The Premium Blend Radio Show". (Stuart Clack Lewis, Premium Blend Radio).

"Katie's an emerging songwriter with a bright future - 'Can You Hear Me?' is a very impactful record and provides us with a great introduction to her work." (Charlie Ashcroft, Amazing Radio).

"The team at WIGWAM Online Radio have been really impressed with the abilities that Katie is already showing as an artist - the purity of her voice and the quality of her songwriting. We look forward to seeing her talent progress further over the next few years." (Mike Green , WIGWAM Online Radio).

"As a 16 year old, Katie has a voice of gold! She can control the crowd with out pushing herself. With the music she is creating herself I can really see the future looking bright for her". (Jake Bailey, The Social Festival/The Big Day Out).

Ryan Corr from Cumbernauld FM Radio commented "Katie is an extraordinary woman and reminds me of myself as she is also a creator. Katie is one of my favourites".

“Beautifull set of original songs by Katie Kittermaster. She captivated her audience with her sweet , strong voice” (Carl, Bloomsbury Sets).

"Katie takes the stage with the confidence of a seasoned live act with a powerful yet sensitive presentation of some beautiful lyrics. A real treat on a sunny afternoon, undeterred by an unknown audience, this is certainly one to look out for" (Tony Ward).

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