• Sterling Fooshee

Live sessions, another great month!

Late & Live Sessions in Whitstable in September was great fun. A chance for me to showcase a couple of new songs - both of which gained a great response from the audience. Whether the crowd is small or large, I love to perform. I am recording T-Shirt (a song I wrote at the start of this month) on Monday 26th September with the fabulous Guy Denning and my awesome guitarist Alex Farrimond. I am feeling lucky to have these people around me. I have been struggling to shift a bad cold and sore throat now for a month so it is time to go on voice rest. Until next time.

''I believe we have just witnessed a RISING STAR'' (Carlo Monticolombi, Promoter Late & Live Music Sessions).

The Grey Lady is a boutique venue in Tunbridge Wells with a cracking sound system and a friendly relaxed atmosphere. It was fun for me to perform there in September. along with two other seasoned artists. Here I performed the T-Shirt for the first time having written it that week. Thank you to Paul Dunton  for the opportunity. 

"Katie Kittermaster is a deeply talented up and coming singer-songwriter. Katie is a truly engaging live performer who offers a varied mix of heartfelt, thought provoking songs which are rich in pop sensibilities and full of feeling and atmosphere".

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