• Katie Kittermaster


Thank you for all the lovely reviews for Kaleidoscope, Can You Hear Me and T-shirt. Really grateful and humbled that people are enthusing about my music.

This review from Alternative Fruit was so positive. Thank you.

"A beautifully composed acoustic guitar melody strums and picks out its tune, and Katie begins to sing within moments. Her voice carries an air of recognisability, separating hers out from the pack. Inflections on emotional tangents allow her to bring out a personality rich with heart and emotional clarity. With lyrics that touch on teenage love and infatuating evenings spent with those who make us feel great, we can all remember the feelings from those days. Those of us lucky enough to be there right now can be assured it's all worth-while in the end. Anthemic in nature and soft on the edges, T-Shirt has a great feel, a great voice behind it, and it gives me something to remember."

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