• Sterling Fooshee

The Big Day Out- Mote Park

Earlier in July 2017 I performed at The Big Day Out in Mote Park. This was an awesomeevent and I felt very lucky to be asked to do a full set. The crowd was 13K strong and were so friendly, singling along to my covers and even shouting out nice comments about by outfit. I sang a couple of my new original songs that haven't been recorded yet, which seemed to go down well. I sang after Reggie 'n' Bolley as well as a local group called The Gallerys. Diversity danced after me, followed by Christian Burrows, Atomic Kitten and Louisa Johnson. I was in very good company. I loved it and cannot wait to get back on that stage!

"Katie is a young singer-songwriter than you need to hear. Katie has the potential to grow in to a dazzling artist. Her lyrics are unique and delivered with a strong and beautiful voice." (Alex Ralis, Artisit Manager BDO).

"As a 16 year old, Katie has a voice of gold! She can control the crowd with out pushing herself.  With the music she is creating herself I can really see the future looking bright for her". (Jake Bailey, The Social Festival/The Big Day Out).

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